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Oh, Hag! You've Killed Me

A Jig in the key of Dmix

ABC Notation

X:344 T:Oh, Hag! You've Killed Me T:Old Hag, You've Killed Me R:jig D:Moving Hearts: The Storm Z:id:hn-jig-95 M:6/8 K:DmixFDD cAA|ded cAG|~A3 ABG|ABA A2G|FDD cAA|ded cAF|~G3 GcA|1 GAG G2E:|2 GAG G2e|| |:~f3 gfg|afd cAG|~A3 ABG|ABA A2e|~f3 gfg|afd cAF|~G3 GcA|1 GAG G2e:|2 GAG G2E||