The College Groves

A reel in the key of Dmix

First part also played with c# all the way
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Abc sheet music for College Groves, The
X:997 T:College Groves, The R:reel H:First part also played with c# all the way D:Kevin Burke: If the Cap Fits Z:id:hn-reel-83 M:C| K:Dmix D2 (3FED ADFD|E2cE dEcE|DEFA d2dB|cAGE EDCE| D2 (3FED ADFD|E2cE dEcE|DEFA d2dB|1 cAGE EDD2:|2 cAGE EDDe|| |:fd~d2 fgaf|ec~c2 efge|1 fdd^c d2dB|cAGE FDDe:|2 dfeg fagb|afge fdde|| |:fgag fd~d2|efgf ec~c2|1 fgag fddB|cAGE EDDe:|2 dfeg fagb|afge fdde|| |:~f2df ~f2df|~e2^ce Aece|~f2df fded|cAGE EDD2| ~f2df dfdf|~e2^ce cece|dfeg fagb|1 afge fdde:|2 afge fdd2||Variation of the first part dcAG FGAB|c3d cAGE|DE=FG Addc|(3ABc GE EDCE| D2 (3FED ADFD|E2cE dEcE|DEFA d2dB|cAGE EDD2||Another variation of the beginning: =f2df e2cA|d2AG =FGEF|DE=FG Addc|(3ABc GE EDCE|
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