Julia Delaney

A reel in the key of Ddor

Also known as Glenloe
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Abc sheet music for Julia Delaney
X:992 T:Julia Delaney T:Glenloe R:reel D:Paddy Glackin: Ceol ar an bhFidil le Paddy Glackin. D:Bothy Band 1975. Z:id:hn-reel-78 M:C| K:Ddor dcAG ~F3D|~E3C ~F3A|dcAG FDFG|Addc defe| dcAG ~F3D|~E3C ~F3A|dcAG FDFG|Addc d2de:| |:fede fagf|ecgc acgc|fede fagf|fedc Adde| fede fagf|ecgc acgc|fedf edce|Addc d2de:| P:Variations: |:dcAG F2DF|E2CE FD~D2|dcAG FDFG|Addc defe| dcAG ~F3G|~E3G ~F3A|dcAG FDFG|Addc d2de:| |:fede fagf|eg~g2 aege|fede fage|fedc Adde| fede fagf|eg~g2 aege|fd~d2 edce|Addc d2de:|