Jenny's Chickens

A reel in the key of Bdor
Abc Source
X:989 T:Jenny's Chickens R:reel H:Related to the Scottish tune "Sleepy Maggie", #650. H:Also related to Sean sa Cheo, #313. H:See also "The Gravel Walks", #70. H:Some people play it in Bdor (g#), others in Bm (g natural) H:This tune is also played in Ador. D:Matt Molloy: Heathery Breeze. D:Paddy Glackin: In Full Spate. Z:id:hn-reel-75 M:C| K:Bdor ~f3e fece|~f3a eAce|~f3e fece|f2af eAce:| fBBA B2de|fB~B2 eAce|fBBA Bcde|f2af eAce| fB~B2 bBaB|fB~B2 ABce|fBBA Bcde|f2af edcA|| |:B2bB aBgB|~B2fB edcA|B2bB aBgB|1 f2af edcA:|2 f2af eAce|| P:Variations: |:f2~f2 fece|f2af e2ce|~f3a fece|f2af eAce:| fBBA ~B3A|FB~B2 ABce|fBBA ~B3e|fgaf eAce| fB~B2 aB~B2|fB~B2 eAce|fBBA ~B3e|fgaf eAcA|| |:B2bB aBgB|~f2Bf eAcA|B2bB aBgB|1 f2af eAcA:|2 f2af eAce|| P:More variations: |:~f3a fece|fefa eAce|~f3a fece|feaf eAce:| fBBA ~B3e|fB~B2 eAce|fBBA ~B3e|feaf eAce| fB~B2 FB~B2|fB~B2 eAce|fBBA ~B3e|feaf eAcA|| |:B2bB aBgB|~B2fB eAcA|B2bB aBgB|1 feaf eAcA:|2 feaf eAce||
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