Colonel McBain

A reel in the key of Edor

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for Colonel McBain
Sometimes played with 1st part single, 2nd part double Related to "Mother's Delight", #82
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Abc sheet music for Colonel McBain
X:988 T:Colonel McBain T:Sporting Molly T:Galway Bay R:reel H:Sometimes played with 1st part single, 2nd part double H:Related to "Mother's Delight", #82 D:Moving Cloud D:Maire O'Keeffe: Coistir Z:id:hn-reel-74 M:C| K:Edor (3GFE BE (3GFE BE|(3FED AD (3FED AD|(3GFE BE (3GFE BG|AGFG E2EF| (3GFE BE (3GFE BG|ABAG FEDF|~G3F GBdB|AGFG E2EF:| |:~G3F GBdB|ABAG FGA2|Beed efge|fedf e2ef| efed BcdB|ABAG FEDF|~G3F GBdB|AGFG E2EF:| P:variations GEBE GEEG|FDAD FD~D2|GEBE GEEB|AGFG ~E3F| GEBE GEEB|ABAG FDDF|G2GF GBdB|AGFG ~E3F| GEBE GEBE|FDAD FDAF|GEBE GEBG|FADF ~E3F| GEBE GEBG|ABAG FD~D2|GFEF GBdB|AGFG ~E3F|| G2GF GBdB|ABAG FDFA|Beed efgf|fedf e3d| efed ~B3d|ABAG FDDF|GFEF GBdB|AGFG ~E3F| G2GF GBdB|ABAG FAdA|Beed efge|fedf e2 (3Bcd| efed B2dB|ABAG FA~A2|Beed egfe|dBAF ~E3F||
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