Colonel McBain

A reel in the key of Edor

Sometimes played with 1st part single, 2nd part double Related to "Mother's Delight", #82
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Abc sheet music for Colonel McBain
X:988 T:Colonel McBain T:Sporting Molly T:Galway Bay R:reel H:Sometimes played with 1st part single, 2nd part double H:Related to "Mother's Delight", #82 D:Moving Cloud D:Maire O'Keeffe: Coistir Z:id:hn-reel-74 M:C| K:Edor (3GFE BE (3GFE BE|(3FED AD (3FED AD|(3GFE BE (3GFE BG|AGFG E2EF| (3GFE BE (3GFE BG|ABAG FEDF|~G3F GBdB|AGFG E2EF:| |:~G3F GBdB|ABAG FGA2|Beed efge|fedf e2ef| efed BcdB|ABAG FEDF|~G3F GBdB|AGFG E2EF:| P:variations GEBE GEEG|FDAD FD~D2|GEBE GEEB|AGFG ~E3F| GEBE GEEB|ABAG FDDF|G2GF GBdB|AGFG ~E3F| GEBE GEBE|FDAD FDAF|GEBE GEBG|FADF ~E3F| GEBE GEBG|ABAG FD~D2|GFEF GBdB|AGFG ~E3F|| G2GF GBdB|ABAG FDFA|Beed efgf|fedf e3d| efed ~B3d|ABAG FDDF|GFEF GBdB|AGFG ~E3F| G2GF GBdB|ABAG FAdA|Beed efge|fedf e2 (3Bcd| efed B2dB|ABAG FA~A2|Beed egfe|dBAF ~E3F||
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