Farewell to Erin

A reel in the key of Ador
Abc Source
X:964 T:Farewell to Erin T:Farewell to Ireland R:reel H:Originally a Scottish tune: "The Scotsman's Farewell to Ireland". H:Bars 1-6 are played one octave up by flutes, whistles and pipes. Z:id:hn-reel-50 M:C| K:Ador A,2A,C E2EF|GEDB, G,A,B,G,|A,2A,C E2EF|GEDB, EA,A,G,| A,2A,C E2EF|GEDB, G,2g2|edeg ~a3f|gedB BA~A2:| |:~a3b agef|~g3a gede|~a3b agef|gedB BA~A2| agef ~g3e|dedB GABd|cBAB cdea|gedB BA~A2:| |:eA(3cBA eA(3cBA|~d3B GB~B2|eA(3cBA ~e3a|gedB BA~A2| eA(3cBA eA(3cBA|dedB GABd|cBAB cdea|gedB BA~A2:| |:ae^ce aece|gdBd gdBd|ae^ce ~a3f|gedB BA~A2| agef ~g3e|dedB GABd|cBAB cdea|gedB BA~A2:|
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