A reel in the key of Edor

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Abc sheet music for Cooley's
X:962 T:Cooley's T:Luttrell's Pass R:reel C:Joe Mills, Galway (1924-1973) D:Dubliners: 25 Years Celebration. D:Noel Hill & Tony Linnane D:Frankie Gavin & Paul Brock: Tribute to Joe Cooley Z:id:hn-reel-48 M:C| K:Edor EBBA B2EB|~B2AB dBAG|(3FED AD BDAD|FDFA dAFD| EBBA B2EB|~B2AB defg|afef dBAF|1 DEFD E2ED:|2 DEFD E2gf|| |:eB~B2 eBgB|eB~B2 gedB|A2FA DAFA|~A2FA defg| eB~B2 eBgB|eB~B2 defg|afef dBAF|1 DEFD E2gf:|2 DEFD E2ED||