Jenny's Welcome to Charlie

A reel in the key of Ddor

Originally from Scotland. Related to "Jenny Picking Cockles".
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Abc sheet music for Jenny's Welcome to Charlie
X:961 T:Jenny's Welcome to Charlie R:reel H:Originally from Scotland. Related to "Jenny Picking Cockles". D:Paddy Glackin & Paddy Keenan. D:Arty McGlynn: McGlynn's Fancy. Z:id:hn-reel-47 M:C| K:Ddor D2AB AGE^F|GEcE dEcE|D2AB AGE^F|GEcE EDCE| D2AB AGE^F|GEcE d2cd|eddc AGE^F|1 GEcE EDCE:|2 GEcE EDD2|| |:=f3d efed|cA~A2 cA~A2|=f3d edcd|eaag edde| =f3d efed|cAAB c2cd|eddc AGE^F|GEcE EDD2:| |:~a3b age^f|~g3a gedg|eaag aged|eaag edde| ~a3b age^f|~g3a gedB|A2 (3Bcd eddc|(3AcAGE EDD2:| |:Addc de=fd|AccB cdec|Addc d2cd|eaag eddc| ~d3e dcAB|~c3d cAGE|D2 (3E^FG Addc|1 (3AcA GE EDD2:|2 (3AcA GE EDCE|| P:Variations: ~D3A AGE^F|GEcE dEcE|~D3A AGE^F|GEcE EDCE| ~D3A AGE^F|GEcE d2cd|ecdc AGEA|GEcE EDCE|| ~D3c AGED|Gc~c2 dAcA|~D3c AGED|E2cE EDCE| ~D3c AGED|Gc~c2 d2cd|ecdc AGEA|GEcE EDD2|| |:=f2df efed|cA~A2 cAGA|=f2df edcd|eaag edde| =f3d efed|cAAG ABcd|eddc AGEA|GEcE EDD2:| |:ea~a2 age^f|g2ag gedg|ea~a2 ~a3g|eaag edde| a2ea age^f|g2ag gedB|A2 (3Bcd eddc|(3AcA GE EDD2:| |:Addc de=fd|AccB cAGc|Addc d2cd|eaag eddc| ~d3e dcAB|c2Bd cAGE|D2 (3E^FG Addc|1 (3AcA GE EDD2:|2 (3AcA GE EDCE||
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