The De'il amang the Tailors

A reel in the key of A

Originally Scottish. Also played in G, see #730 See also American version "Devil's Dream", #845
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Abc sheet music for De'il amang the Tailors, The
X:951 T:De'il amang the Tailors, The T:Devil among the Tailors, The R:reel H:Originally Scottish. Also played in G, see #730 H:See also American version "Devil's Dream", #845 Z:id:hn-reel-37 M:C| K:A |:eg|a2eg a2eg|a2ea fedc|dfBf dfBf|dfba gefg| a2eg a2eg|a2ea fedc|defd ecAF|EAGB A2:| |:ed|ceAe ceAe|ceag fedc|dfBf dfBf|dfba gfed| ceAe ceAe|ceag fedc|defd ecAF|EAGB A2:|
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