Pinch of Snuff, The

A reel in the key of D
Abc Source
X:950 T:Pinch of Snuff, The R:reel H:There are two other versions of this tune, #236 and #634. H:There is a different tune by the same name, #441. D:Chieftains Live. D:Paddy Glackin: Ceol ar an bhFidil le Paddy Glackin. Z:id:hn-reel-36 M:C| K:D F2DF EA,CE|F2DF EFGE|F2DF EA,CE|G2BG EFGE:| |:DFAF BFAF|DFAF EA,CE|DFAF BFAF|G2BG EFGE:| |:fgfe dcdB|AF~F2 AFA=c|BGBd =cBcG|E=C~C2 ECEG:| |:f2df eAce|f2df efge|f2df eAce|g2bg efge:| |:dfaf bfaf|dfaf eAce|dfaf bfaf|g2bg efge:| |:fgfe dcdB|AF~F2 AFA=c|BGBd =cBcG|E=C~C2 ECEG:| P:Variations: |:F2DF EFDE|F2DF EFGE|F2DF EFDF|G2BG EFGE:| |:DFAF BFAF|DFAF EFGE|DFAF BFAF|G2BG EFGE:| |:fgfe dddB|AF~F2 AFA=c|BGdB =cBcG|E=C~C2 ECEG:| |:f2df efde|f2df efge|f2df efdf|g2bg efge:| |:dfaf bfaf|dfaf efge|dfaf bfaf|g2bg efge:| |:fgfe dcdB|AF~F2 AFA=c|BGBd =cBcG|E=C~C2 ECEG:|
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