Earl's Chair, The

A reel in the key of Bm
Abc Source
X:939 T:Earl's Chair, The R:reel C:Pakie Moloney H:The tune was supposedly composed by an East Galway flute player and an H:uncle of Mike Rafferty named Pakie Moloney. He composed the tune while H:sitting on a big rock in the Derrycrag Wood, and first called it "Down H:between the two Derryoobers" - as he was sitting between the two townlands H:of Derryoober East and Derryoober West. He later thought better of it and H:changed the name to a shorter one, "The Earl's Chair," which was the name H:of the big rock - named after the Earl of Clanrickard who reportedly rested H:there during his hunts. D:Patrick Street 1. D:Mary MacNamara. Z:id:hn-reel-25 M:C| K:Bm B2~B2 BAFA|B2dB BAFB|AF~F2 DF~F2|AFdB ADFA| B2dB BAFA|B2dB BAFB|AFAB defd|1 edef d3A:|2 edef d3f|| |:~e3f d2df|edef dBA2|~e3f dcde|fedB ADFA| ~e3f eB~B2|gB~B2 defg|afbf afeg|fedB ADFA:|
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