Tarbolton, The

A reel in the key of Edor
Abc Source
X:935 T:Tarbolton, The R:reel H:Originally Scottish: "Tarbolton Lodge" H:Often played as a set: The Tarbolton/The Longford Collector/The Sailor's Bonnet. H:This set comes from the playing of Michael Coleman. Z:id:hn-reel-21 M:C| K:Edor Beed e2BA|GBAF GFEF|Dddc d2AG|FAGE FEDF| Eeed efge|fedf e2BA|GABG FGAF|BGAF GEE2:| |:gfef gebe|gebe gfec|d2fd Adfd|cdAG FDEF| GABG FGAF|E2ef gfed|BcdB A2FA|BGAF GEE2:| P:Variations: |:e2~e2 eBBA|GBAF GFEF|Dddc d2AG|FAGE FEDF| ~B3d efge|fedf eBBA|GBAG FGA=c|BGAF GEE2:| |:~e3f gfef|gebe gfef|d2fd Adfd|cdAG FDEF| ~G3B ~F3A|E2ef gfed|ed=cB ABGA|(3Bcd AF GEE2:|