The Providence

A reel in the key of D

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Abc sheet music for Providence, The
X:929 T:Providence, The R:reel C:John McGrath (?) D:Matt Molloy & Sean Keane: Contentment is Wealth. Z:id:hn-reel-15 M:C| K:D ~E3F DEFA|d2fd gefd|edBd A2FA|(3Bcd AF GFED| ~E3F DEFA|d2fd gefd|edBd A2FA|1 (3Bcd AG FDDF:|2 (3Bcd AG FDDe|| |:fd~d2 fdge|fd~d2 ecAe|fd~d2 fgaf|gfeg fdde| fgaf gfec|dBAF G2FG|~A3F ABde|1 faeg fdde:|2 faeg fdAF||
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