The Mullingar Lee

A reel in the key of Gmix by Kevin Burke

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for The Mullingar Lee
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Abc sheet music for Mullingar Lee, The
X:920 T:Mullingar Lee, The T:Nine Pint Coggie, The R:reel S:Kevin Burke D:Milestone at the Garden D:Hugh Gillespie 1937 Z:id:hn-reel-6 M:C| K:Gmix BG~G2 GFDE | F2AF CFAc | BG~G2 DEFE |1 FAdc BGGA :|2 FAdc BG~G2 || |: ~g3d Bcde | ~f3c ABcd |1 ~g3d BddB | dgga bga^f :|2 ed~d2 DEFE | FAdc BGGA || P:variations |: BG~G2 GFDE | F2FA cFAc | BG~G2 GFDE | FAdc BG~G2 :||: g^fgd Bcde | fefc A2 (3Bcd |1 gfdc AB (3cBA | dg~g2 b3a :|2 ed~d2 DEFE | FAdc BGG2 ||
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