Kitty Got a Clinking Coming from the Fair

A fling in the key of G by Jörgen Fischer for first version
Also known as Willie Clancy's
Abc Source
X:90 T:Kitty Got a Clinking Coming from the Fair T:Willie Clancy's R:fling S:J\"orgen Fischer for first version H:See also reel#170 "High Road to Linton", H:with reversed parts and in A Z:id:hn-hf-13 M:C| L:1/8 K:G GB~B2 c3e | dG{A}GA B2{c}AG |1 GB~B2 cd{a}ec | d2{a}ed {c}BGD2 :|2 c2cB ce{a}ge | d2{a}dB {c}AD{A}ED || ~G2Bd g3d | {a}edBd de{a}gd | ~G2Bd ~g3e | ~f2ed ed{c}BA | ~G2Bd g3d | {a}edBd dega | {b}af{a}gf {a}fe{a}ed | {a}gedB deg2 || P:variations |: GB~B2 cded | dBGA BA~A2 |1 GB~B2 cdec | dBGB ABG2 :|2 c3B cege | dBGB ABG2 || G2Bd ~g3d | edBd deg2 | G2Bd ~g3d | egdB ABG2 | G2Bd ~g3d | e2dB dega | bgaf gfed | egdB ABG2 ||
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