Banks of Inverness, The

A polka in the key of G
Abc Source
X:890 T:Banks of Inverness, The T:Salmon tails up the water R:polka H:Also played in A with four parts, see #5 H:Originally a march called "The Banks of Inverness" in Scotland and H:"Salmon Tails Up the Water" in Northumbria. Z:id:hn-polka-106 M:2/4 L:1/8 K:G D>E DB,|DE G>A|Bd AB/A/|GE cE|D>E DB,|DE G>A|Bd AB/A/|1 G2 GE:|2 G2 GA|| Bd dB|ce ed|Bd AB/A/|GE cE|Bd dB|ce ef|ge f/e/d|e2 ef| ge f/e/d|e/f/e/d/ BA|Bd AB/A/|GE cE|D>E DB,|DE G>A|Bd AB/A/|G2 GE||
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