Charlie O'Neill's

A highland in the key of G

Also known as Donegal Highland
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Abc sheet music for Charlie O'Neill's
X:89 T:Charlie O'Neill's T:Donegal Highland R:highland D:Altan: Island Angel Z:id:hn-hf-12 M:C| K:G A |: BEBE cAcA | ~B3d cAFA | BEBE cBcB |1 Addc BGGA :|2 Addc BGBd || g2fg ~B3A | Gaag fdef | g2fg ~B3A | GBdc BGBd | g2fg ~B3A | Gaag fdcA | GBdB cdef | gbaf ~g3 || P:variations A |: BEBE cBcA | BEBE cAFA | BEBE cBcB |1 A2dc BGGA :|2 A2dc BGG2 || g2fg BdBA | Gdag fdef | g2fg BdBA | GBdc BGG2 | g2fg BdBA | Gdag fde2 | GBdB cdea | gbaf ~g3 ||
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