Highlandman, The

A highland in the key of Amix
Abc Source
X:87 T:Highlandman, The R:highland H:Belongs to the "Highlander Kissed His Granny" family. H:Other related tunes are "The Gravel Walks" reel#60 H:"The Jolly Seven" reel#559, "John Stenson's" reel#392 D:Altan: Horse with a Heart Z:id:hn-hf-10 M:C| K:Amix A2 (3AAA cdec|ABce dBGB|A2 (3AAA cdeg|afge dBGB:| |:=cg~g2 afge|=cege dBGB|=cg~g2 afgb|afge dBGB:|