Nell Fee's

A polka in the key of D
Abc Source
X:863 T:Nell Fee's R:polka Z:id:hn-polka-79 M:2/4 L:1/8 K:D D>D DB|AF FB|AF DE|FE E2|D>D DB|AF FB|AF EF|1 D2 D2:|2 D2 DA|| |:d2 e2|f2 ff|ed Bc|d2 dA|Bd/B/ AF|Bd/B/ AF|AF EF|1 D2 DA:|2 D2 D2|| P:Variations: |:D>D DB|AF FB|AF F/E/D/E/|FE EF|D>D DB|AF FB|AF ED/E/|1 FD D2:|2 FD DA|| |:dd ed/e/|f2 ff|ed Bc|d2 dA|Bd/B/ AF|B/c/d/B/ AF|AF EF|1 D2 DA:|2 D2 D2||
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