John Doherty's Mazurka

A mazurka in the key of A

Also in G, #7
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Abc sheet music for John Doherty's Mazurka
X:774 T:John Doherty's Mazurka R:mazurka H:Also in G, #7 D:Altan: Island Angel Z:id:hn-mazurka-6 M:3/4 K:A EA|:cd cE Ac|ea ec df|B2 Ba gf|fe e2 EA| cd cE Ac|ea ec df|B2 BA GB|1 A4 EA:|2 A3 E (3ABc|| e2 ec (3efg|a2 ab (3agf|e2 ea (3gfe|d2 dg (3fed|c2 cB (3ABc| e2 ec (3efg|a2 ab (3agf|e2 ea (3gfe|d2 cB cd|(3efe B2 ge| fe fa (3f^dB|e^d eB ge|fe fa (3f^dB|e^d ef =de| |:(3Bcd BA eA|(3Bcd BA eA|(3Bcd B=G dG|(3Bcd B=G dG| (3Bcd BA eA|(3Bcd BA eA|^GA Bc (3dBG|1 A4 A2:|2 A4||
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