Vincent Campbell's Mazurka #1

A mazurka in the key of G
Abc Source
X:769 T:Vincent Campbell's Mazurka #1 R:mazurka H:A version of #9 D:The Brass Fiddle (Vincent Campbell) Z:id:hn-mazurka-1 M:3/4 K:G DG|B2 BA GB|d2 dB AB|c2 ce dc|Bd g2 DG| B2 BA GB|d2 dB AB|c2 cA FA|1 G4:|2 G3 ggf|| |:e2 ce ce|d2 dB AB|c2 ce dc|B3 ggf| e2 ce ce|d2 dB AB|c2 cA FA|1 G3 ggf:|2 G4||
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