Apples in Winter

A jig in the key of Bdor

More common version is #128 in Edor
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Abc sheet music for Apples in Winter
X:696 T:Apples in Winter R:jig H:More common version is #128 in Edor D:Dervish: "Harmony Hill" Z:id:hn-jig-447 M:6/8 L:1/8 K:Bdor fBB aBB | fec cBc | ~A3 cAc | efg ~a3 | fBB aBB | fec cBc | Ace ~a3 | fec Bce :| |: fbb baf | ~b3 baf | ~a3 aec | Ace ~a3 | fbb fbb | eaa eaa | fec ~a3 | fec Bce :|
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