Carolan's Receipt

A carolan in the key of G

Also known as Planxty John Stafford, Carolan's Receipt for Drinking
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Abc sheet music for Carolan's Receipt
X:66 T:Carolan's Receipt T:Planxty John Stafford T:Carolan's Receipt for Drinking R:carolan C:Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738) Z:id:hn-carolan-20 M:C| L:1/8 K:G g>f | edcB cBAG | E2G>A G2gf | edcB cBcd | e2AB A2Bc | dBde d2ef | g2fe d2BA | BAGE AGED | E2GA G2 || Bc | dBde dBAG | EFGA G2Bc | dBde d2Bd | e2ed e3g | G2 G/A/B A2 A/B/c | B2 c/d/e d3d | efgf edBd | e2ed e2ga | babg agae | gfgd edcB | cBcd efgf | edgB A4 | BcBA G2eg | dgBA G2GA | BAGE AGED | E2GA G2 ||
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