The Hole in the Hedge

A jig in the key of C

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Abc sheet music for Hole in the Hedge, The
X:581 T:Hole in the Hedge, The R:jig D:Martin Hayes: Under the Moon Z:id:hn-jig-332 M:6/8 K:C C2E EDE|GED E2D|C2E EDE|GEC D2E| C2E EDE|GEG c2c|cde dcA|1 GEC D2E:|2 GEC D2C|| |:c2e dcA|GEG GAB|c2e dcA|GEC D2C| c2e dcA|GEG GAB|cBc AcA|1 GEC D2C:|2 GEC D2E||
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