Limerick Tinker, The

A jig in the key of Ador
Abc Source
X:550 T:Limerick Tinker, The R:jig H:Also in Gdor, #294. See also "The Gold Ring", #104 Z:id:hn-jig-301 M:6/8 K:Ador |:A2B cBA|~B3 AGE|A2B cee|dBA ~G3| A2B cBA|BAG Aef|gba ~g3|dBG G2B:| |:efe edB|e2A ABd|efe edB|dBG ~G3| efe edB|e2A Aef|gba g2e|dBG G2B:| |:~c3 ~B3|e2A A2B|~c3 B2A|dBA ~G3| cBA BAG|AGE GAB|gba g2e|dBG G2B:| P:variations |:A2B cBA|BAG AGE|A2B cee|dBA ~G3| A2B cBA|BAG Aef|gba gfe|dBG G2B:| |:efe edB|e2A ABd|efe edB|dBG GBd| efe edB|e2A Aef|gba ~g3|dBG G2B:| |:c2A B2A|e2A A2B|c2A B2A|dBA GAB| cBA BAG|AGE GAB|gba gfe|dBG G2B:|
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