Tell Her I Am

A jig in the key of G

See also #156
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Abc sheet music for Tell Her I Am
X:539 T:Tell Her I Am R:jig H:See also #156 Z:id:hn-jig-290 M:6/8 K:G edB ~G3|DED G2B|DED ~c3|BGE EBd| edB ~G3|DED G2B|AGF GBA|1 GFE DBd:|2 GFE Ddc|| |:~B3 dBG|~B3 dBG|AcB AGA|BGE Edc| ~B3 deg|age d2B|cBA GBA|1 GFE Ddc:|2 GFE DBd|| |:efg efg|dgd Bcd|B~c2 aga|bge fed| [1 efg efg|dgd Bcd|agf gba|gfe d2g:| [2 def ~g3|gfe d2B|cBA GBA|GFE D2d|| P:version 2 |:edB GAB|~D3 GAB|~D3 c2A|BGE GBd| edB GAB|~D3 GAB|AGF GBA|GFE D2d:| |:~B3 dBG|BAB dBG|ABA DBD|AGF E2D| BAB deg|bge d2B|BAF GBA|GFE D2d:| |:efg efg|dBG GBd|eaa aga|bge ~e2d| [1 efg efg|dBG GBd|agf gba|gfe d^cd:| [2 efg agf|gfe d2B|BAF GBA|GFE D2d||
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