Mac's Fancy

A jig in the key of Amix
Abc Source
X:508 T:Mac's Fancy R:jig H:Originally from a Scottish tune: "Lord MacDonald's March to Harlaw" H:or "MacDonald of the Isles March to Harlaw" D:De Danann: Mist Covered Mountain Z:id:hn-jig-259 M:6/8 K:Amix eAA fed|eAA Bcd|eAA gfe|dBG Bcd| eAA fed|eAA Bcd|egg gfe|dBG Bcd:| |:Aaa ~a3|Aaa aga|Aaa aef|gfe dBG| Aaa aga|Aaa a2f|~g3 gfe|dBG Bcd:|