A jig in the key of Ador

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for Knocknagow
See also #191 (2-part version)
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Abc sheet music for Knocknagow
X:502 T:Knocknagow R:jig H:See also #191 (2-part version) Z:id:hn-jig-253 M:6/8 K:Ador EAB ~c3|EAF GED|EAB cBc|dcd ecA| EAB ~c3|EAF GAB|Aag edB|1 cAA A2G:|2 cAA AB/c/d|| |:eag aga|ede gfg|eaa age|def gdB| eag aga|ede ~g3|age dcB|1 cAA AB/c/d:|2 cAA A^cd|| K:A |:edc dcB|cAF ECE|~A3 cBc|~d3 Bcd| e2c dcB|cAF ~E3|Ace aed|cdB Acd:| |:eaf ~=g3|eaf ecA|dfa ecA|dcd Bcd| ecA fdB|~a3 ecA|df^g aed|1 cdB Acd:|2 cdB A2=G|| P:variations K:Ador |:EAB cBc|~E3 GED|EAB cBc|~d3 ecA| EAB cBc|~E3 GAB|Aag edB|1 cAA A2D:|2 cAA A2E|| |:A2a a^ga|ede gdB|Aab age|def gdB| A2a a^ga|ede ~g3|ef/g/e dcB|1 cAA A2E:|2 cAA AB/^c/d|| K:A
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