Down the Back Lane

A jig in the key of Dmix
Abc Source
X:474 T:Down the Back Lane R:jig D:Terry Bingham D:Tommy Keane: The Piper's Apron D:The Gathering Z:id:hn-jig-225 M:6/8 K:Dmix ABG A2G|FDE F2d|cAA BAG|Ade fed| cAG A2G|FDE F2G|Add fdd|ecA ~G3:| |:Add fed|cAB cAG|Add fdd|ecA ~G3| Add fed|cAB cde|fag efd|cAF ~G3:| P:variations |:ABA ~A2G|FDE F2d|^cAA BAG|Ade fed| ^cAG A2G|FDE F2G|Add fed|e^cA ~G3:| |:Add fdd|=cAB cAG|Ade fdd|e^cA ~G3| ~A2d fdd|=cAB cde|fag e^cA|AGF ~G3:|
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