Walls of Liscarrol, The

A jig in the key of Ddor
Abc Source
X:436 T:Walls of Liscarrol, The R:jig H:Also played in Edor, #348. Also played with second ending H:of second part same as first ending. See also #396. D:Chieftains 1 Z:id:hn-jig-187 M:6/8 K:Ddor dcA AGE|GED D2E|GEE cEE|GAB cde|dcA AGE|GED D2E|GEE cEE|DED D2d:| |:dAd ecA|dAd ecA|GEE cEE|GAB cde|1 dAd ecA|dAd ecA|GEE cEE|DED D2d:| [2 dcA AGE|GED D2E|GEE cEE|DED D2d|| P:Version 2 |:dcA AGE|GED D2E|GEE cBA|GAB cde|dcA AGE|GED D2E|GAB cGE|DED D2d:| |:dcd ecA|dcd ecA|cdc cBA|GAB cGE|Ade fed|edc dcA|GEE cEE|DED D2d:|
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