Maid on the Green, The

A jig in the key of G
Abc Source
X:418 T:Maid on the Green, The R:jig D:Mary Bergin: Feadoga Stain 2 D:Paul McGrattan: The Frost Is All Over Z:id:hn-jig-169 M:6/8 K:G ~g3 e2d|Bee dBA|BGG dGG|BAG ABd|~g3 e2d|Bee dBA|BGG dBA|AGF GBd:| |:~g3 afd|~g3 a2f|~g3 eag|fdd dga|bag agf|~g3 e2d|Bee dBA|BGF GBd:| P:Version 2: |:~g3 eBd|Bee dBA|BGG dBG|BAG A (3Bcd|g2g (3efe d|BeB dBA|BGG dBA|AGF G (3Bcd:| |:~g3 afd|~g3 a2a|bag agf|gef g2a|bag agf|~g3 e2d|Bee dBA|AGF GBd:|
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