Thrush in the Straw, The

A jig in the key of G
Also known as Humours of Lisheen, The
Abc Source
X:416 T:Thrush in the Straw, The T:Humours of Lisheen, The R:jig Z:id:hn-jig-167 M:6/8 K:G efg edB|cBA BGE|~G3 BdB|BAG ABd|efg edB|cBA BGE|~G3 BdB|1 AGF GBd:|2 AGF G2D|| GBd ~g3|agf g2e|fed edB|AGA BGE|GBd ~g3|agf g2e|fed edB|1 AGF G2D:|2 AGF GBd||
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