The Girl from the Big House

A jig in the key of Dmix

Also known as Cail\'in an T\'i M\'or
See also "Girl of the House" #397
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Abc sheet music for Girl from the Big House, The
X:410 T:Girl from the Big House, The T:Cail\'in an T\'i M\'or R:jig H:See also "Girl of the House" #397 D:Sean Keane: Jig It in Style D:Declan Masterson: Z:id:hn-jig-161 M:6/8 K:Dmix AG|F2D DAG|AGA GEA|~D3 AGE|FDA D2E|~F3 GFG|AGA cde|d2A GEA|~D3 D:| |:AB|c2A AGF|DGG DGG|AdB cAG|Adc d2e|fed cAG|F2A GEc|d2A GEA|~D3 D:| P:Variations: AG|F2D DAG|AGA GEA|~D3 AGE|FAD DAG|FAD AGG|AGA cde|dcA GEA|~D3 DAG| F2D DAG|AGA GEA|~D3 c2A|ded cAG|F2D DAG|AGA GEc|dcA GEA|~D3 D|| |:AB|c2A AGF|~G3 GFG|AdB cAG|Adc dfg|fed cAG|~F3 GEc|dcA GEA|~D3 D:|
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