Joe Bane's Scottische

A barndance in the key of A by Andrew McNamara on Clare FM
Also known as Bill Malley's Schottische
Abc Source
X:39 T:Joe Bane's Scottische T:Joe Bane's Schottische T:Bill Malley's Schottische R:barndance C:John MacDonald (1821-1893), Scotland S:Andrew McNamara on Clare FM H:A version of the Scottish march "Dornoch Links" H:Bars 2 & 6 of 2nd part can be interchanged Z:id:hn-barndance-12 M:C| L:1/8 K:A af | eAAB c2BA | e2A2 A2af | eAAB c2BA | c2B2 B2Ac | eAAB c3B | ABce a3f | e3f ecAc |1 B2A2 A2 :|2 B2A2 AB || |: ce | a3b afea | fece faaf | e3f ecAB | c2B2 B2ce | a3b afea | f3e faaf | e3f ecAc |1 B2A2 AB :|2 B2A2 A2 ||
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