Cook in the Kitchen, The

A jig in the key of G
Abc Source
X:387 T:Cook in the Kitchen, The R:jig H:Tommy Peoples playes a quarter tone between F and F# in bars 2 and 6 D:Tommy Peoples: Traditional Irish Music Played on the Fiddle Z:id:hn-jig-138 M:6/8 K:G DGG GAG|=FDE F2D|DGG G^FG|AdB cAG| DGG GAG|=FDE F2d|cAG ^FGA|1 AG^F G2E:|2 AG^F G2A|| ~B3 BAG|ABA AGF|~G3 GFG|Add cAG|~B3 BAG|ABA A2d|cAG FGA|1 BGG G2A:|2 BGG G2B|| d2e f2g|a2g fed|cAG FGA|BGB cAG|d2e f2g|a2g fed|cAG FGA|1 BGG G3:|2 BGG G2E|| P:Version 2 |:DGG GAG|=FDE ~F3|DGG G^FG|AdB cAF| ~G3 GAG|=FDE ~F2d|cAG ^FGA|1 BG^F G2E:|2 BG^F G2A|| ~B3 BAG|ABA AGF|~G3 GFG|AdB cAG|~B3 BAG|A2D AdB|cAG FGA|1 BGF G2A:|2 BGF G2B|| d2e f2g|agf ged|cAG FGA|BGB cAG|Bde f2g|agf ged|cAG FGA|1 BGF G3:|2 BGF G2E|| P:Version of 1st part |:DGG GAG|FDE FED|DGG GFG|Add cAG|DGG GAG|FDE F2d|cAG FGA|1 BGG G2E:|2 BGG G2A||
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