The Lark on the Strand

A jig in the key of G

See also "The Stolen Purse", #205
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Abc sheet music for Lark on the Strand, The
X:355 T:Lark on the Strand, The R:jig H:See also "The Stolen Purse", #205 D:Chieftains 1 D:Paddy Keenan Z:id:hn-jig-106 M:6/8 K:G ABG AGA|BGE ~G3|ABA GBd|egd edB|ABG AGA|BGE ~G3|GBA G2B|dBG BdB:| |:GBd ~g3|gba ~g3|GBd ~g3|egd edB|GBd ~g3|gba ~g3|abg age|egd edB:| P:Variations: |:~A3 AGA|AGE GDG|ABA GBd|edg edB|~A3 AGA|AGE G2B|dBA G2B|dBG B/c/dB:| |:GBd ~g3|gba g2G|GBd g2d|e2d edB|GBd ~g3|gba ~g3|~a3 agb|1 age dBA:|2 age dBG||
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