The Mouse in the Cupboard

A jig in the key of G

Also known as Wallop the Potlid
Related to "Scully Casey's", #115
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Abc sheet music for Mouse in the Cupboard, The
X:303 T:Mouse in the Cupboard, The T:Wallop the Potlid R:jig H:Related to "Scully Casey's", #115 D:Boys of the Lough: Sweet Rural Shade Z:id:hn-jig-54 M:6/8 K:G BGG AGE | DGG AGA | ~B3 cBc | dgg fdc | BGG AGE | DGG AGA | ~B3 cAF | AGF G2A :| |: ~B3 cBc | dgg fdc | ~B3 cBc | dgf g2a | bgg age | dge dBA | GAB AGA | BGF G2A :| P:variations |: BAG AGF | DGG FGA | BAB cBc | dgg fdc | ~B3 AGF | DGG FGA | B/c/dB cAF | AGF G2A :| |: BAB cBc | dgg fdc | BAB cBc | dgf g2e | dgg bgg | dge fdc | B/c/dB cAF | AGF G2A :|
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