The Maho Snaps

A jig in the key of G

Also known as The Magho Snaps
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Abc sheet music for Maho Snaps, The
X:301 T:Maho Snaps, The T:Magho Snaps, The R:jig C:Mick Hoy D:Boys of the Lough: Sweet Rural Shade D:Joe McHugh & Barry Carroll: The Long Finger. D:Marcas \'O Murch\'u: \'O Bh\'eal go B\'eal Z:id:hn-jig-52 M:6/8 K:G ~G3 GBd|gdB GAB|cBc EFG|AFD DEF| ~G3 GBd|gdB GAB|cGE AFD|1 GAG G2D:|2 GAG G2d|| |:dBd ece|fdf gfe|dBd efg|fd^c d2d| dBd ece|fdf gfe|dcB Agf|1 gdB G2d:|2 gdB G2D|| P:variations |:~G3 GBd|gdB GBd|cBc EFG|AFD cBA| ~G3 GBd|gdB GBd|cAA DFA|1 AGF G2D:|2 AGF G2d|| |:~d3 ~e3|fdf gfe|~d3 efg|fd^c d2B| ~d3 ece|fdf gfe|dfa agf|1 gdB GBc:|2 gdB G2D||
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