The Merry Girl

A barndance in the key of G

See also polka#95
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Abc sheet music for Merry Girl, The
X:29 T:Merry Girl, The R:barndance H:See also polka#95 D:John McKenna & Michael Gaffney 1934 (Decca) Z:id:hn-barndance-2 M:C| L:1/8 K:G D2B2 BAB2 | D2^c2 d^cd2 | fedc AGEF | G2F2 EDEF | D2B2 BAB2 | D2^c2 d^cd2 | fedc AGEF | A2G2 G4 :| |: gdBd g3a | f2e2 ede2 | fcAc f3f | e2d2 d^cd2 | gdBd g3a | f2e2 edef | d2fe dcBA | G2F2 G4 :|
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