The Ship in Full Sail

A jig in the key of A

Also known as Paddy the Dandy
See also #398. Also in G, see #231
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Abc sheet music for Ship in Full Sail, The
X:282 T:Ship in Full Sail, The T:Paddy the Dandy R:jig H:See also #398. Also in G, see #231 D:De Dannan: Star Spangled Molly. Z:id:hn-jig-33 M:6/8 L:1/8 K:A EAA cAA | eAA cee | faf ecA | BcB BAF | EAA cAA | eAA cee | faf ecA |1 BcB A2F :|2 BcB A3 || |: eaa c'aa | bab c'af | eaa c'aa | bc'b baf | eaa c'aa | bab c'ae | faf ecA |1 BcB A3 :|2 BcB Acd || |: efe ecA | ~f3 fga | efe ecA | dBB Bcd | efe ecA | ~f3 fga | ecA BAB |1 cAA Acd :|2 cAA A2F ||
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