The Strayaway Child

A jig in the key of Em

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Abc sheet music for Strayaway Child, The
X:277 T:Strayaway Child, The R:jig C:Michael Gorman (1895-1970) and Margaret Barry (1917-1990) D:Bothy Band: Out of the Wind into the Sun. D:Chieftains: A Celebration. Z:id:hn-jig-28 M:6/8 K:Em A|:BEE GEE|B,EE G2A|BEE A2G|FDF Adc|BEE GEE|B,EE G2A|BcB B2A|GEE E2A:| |:Bee BdB|dBG AGA|Bee BdB|1 dBG A2A|Bee BdB|dBG AGA|BcB B2A|GEE E2A:|2 dBG A2f|gfe dcB|AGA BGE|AGE DB,D|~E3 E2D|:EAG EDE|~G3 BAG|AGE DB,D| EFE E2D|EAG EDE|~G3 BAG|AGE DB,D|1 EFE E2D:|2 EFE E2G|:efe ded|cBA BGE| GAB dBB|AGE D2c|BAG EDE|GAB cBA|BAG EAG|1 ~E3 E2G:|2 ~E3 E2A|:Bee efg| fdf edA|Bee efg|fdf e2f|gfe dcB|AGA BGE|AGE DB,D|1 ~E3 E2A:|2 ~E3 E2z|| |:edB edB|AGA BGE|edB edB|AGA ~B3|edB gfe|dcB AGA|BAG EAG|~E3 E3:|
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