Caliope House

A jig in the key of E

Also played in D, #338. The original is in E.
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Abc sheet music for Caliope House
X:263 T:Caliope House R:jig C:Dave Richardson, Northumberland H:Also played in D, #338. The original is in E. D:Patrick Street 1. Z:id:hn-jig-14 M:6/8 K:E ~b3 gbb|fbb efg|~a3 gag|~f3 fec|BcB B2G|B2c e2f| [1 ~g3 gfe|f2f fga:| [2 ~g3 fgf|e3 eBc|| eBB gBB|fBB gfe|cff ~f2e|fge ~c3|BcB B2G|B2c e2f|gbg gfe|~f3 fec| Bee gBB|fBB gfe|cff ~f2e|fge ~c3|BcB B2G|B2c e2f|gbg fec|e3 e2b||
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