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Ewie with the Crooked Horn, The

A Strathspey in the key of Gmix

ABC Notation

X:2336 T:Ewie with the Crooked Horn, The T:Ewe wi' the Crookit Horn, The R:strathspey Z:id:hn-strathspey-12 M:C L:1/8 K:GmixD<GG>A F>GA<F | D<G GA/B/ c>AB<G | A>Bc>B A>GF<C | D<GG>B A<FG2 :| K:Gdor d<gg>a f>ga<f | d<gg>a f/g/a g2 | d<gg>a b/a/g a/g/f | d<gb>g a>fg2 | f<ad>f c>fA<F | G/A/B/c/ d>B c>Ad>e | f<ad>f c>fA<F | G/A/B/c/ d>B c<A G2 ||