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Iron Man, The

A Strathspey in the key of A
Composer: James Scott Skinner (1843-1927), Scotland

ABC Notation

X:2326 T:Iron Man, The R:strathspey C:James Scott Skinner (1843-1927), Scotland Z:id:hn-strathspey-2 M:C K:AA2c>A B<GA>B|c2e>c d<Bc>e|f2d>f e2c>e|(3dcB (3cBA G<BB>c| A2c>A B<GA>B|c2e>c d<Bc>e|f2d>f e<ac>A|1 (3Bcd (3dcB c<AA>E:|2 (3Bcd (3dcB c<AA>e|| |:a>Ag>A f>Ae>A|(3cBA e>g a>ec>A|d<Ec>E B<Ec>E|d/c/B c/B/A (3Bcd (3efg| a>Ag>A f>Ae>A|c/B/A e>g a>ec>A|d2f>d (3eag (3fed|1 (3cBA (3GAB c<AA>e:| [2 (3cBA (3GAB c<AA>E||