The Laird of Drumblair

A strathspey in the key of A

See also reel#487
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Abc sheet music for Laird of Drumblair, The
X:2325 T:Laird of Drumblair, The R:strathspey C:James Scott Skinner (1843-1927), Scotland H:See also reel#487 Z:id:hn-strathspey-1 M:C K:A (3EFG|:A2c>A E>Ac>e|a2g>a f>ae>c|(3def (3efg (3aed (3cBA|(3Bcd (3cBA (3GFE (3dcB| A2c>A E>Ac>e|a2g>a f>ae>c|(3def (3efg (3aed (3cBA|1 (3GFE (3dcB A2 (3EFG:| [2 (3GFE (3dcB A2 (3efg|:a2e>a c>aA>a|(3cBA e>A a>ec>e|b2f>b d>bB>f| (3dcB f>B b>fd>f|a2e>a c>aA>a|(3cBA e>A a>ec>e|(3def (3efg (3aed (3cBA| [1 (3GFE (3dcB A2 (3efg:|2 (3GFE (3dcB A2||
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