Farewell to Old Ireland

A song in the key of Edor

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Abc sheet music for Farewell to Old Ireland
X:2320 T:Farewell to Old Ireland T:Emigrant's Farewell, The R:song D:Cara Dillon Z:id:hn-song-148 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=70 K:Edor (ED) | E B3 (AF/E/) | D d3 (dB) | (A3 F) (E/D/)B, | D E3 (ED) | E B3 (AF/E/) | D d3 (dB) | A2 B2 (AF) | E4 (ED) | E B3 (AF/E/) | D d3 (dB) | (A3 F) (E/D/)B, | D E3 (ED) | E B3 (AF/E/) | D d3 dB | A2 (B2 A)F | E4 A2 | B e3 f2 | e2 d2 (de) | f2 (e2 d)B | (dB) A2 A2 | B e3 f2 | (e2 d2) de | (B3 A) Bd | d4 A2 | B e3 f2 | (e2 d2) (de) | f2 (e2 d)B | (dB) A2 (GF) | E B3 A(F/E/) | D d3 d(B/A/) | B2 (B2 A)F | E4 || W:Farewell to old Ireland, the land of my childhood, W:Which now and forever I am going to leave. W:Farewell to the shores where the shamrock is growing, W:It's the bright spot of beauty and the home of the brave. W:I'll think on its valleys with fond admiration, W:Though never again its bright hills will I see. W:I'm bound for to cross the wide swelling ocean, W:In search of fame and fortune and of sweet liberty. W: W:Our ship at the present lies in Derry harbour, W:To bear us away across the wide swelling sea. W:May heaven be her companion and grant her fair breezes, W:Till we reach the green fields of America. W:It's hard to be forced from the land that we live in, W:Our houses and farms all obliged for to sell. W:To wander alone among Indians and strangers, W:To find some sweet spot where our children might dwell. W: W:Our artists, our farmers, our tradesmen are leaving, W:To seek for employment far over the sea. W:Where they'll get their riches with care and with industry, W:There's nothing but hardship at home if you stay. W:So cheer up your spirits, you lads and you lasses, W:There's gold for the digging and lots of it, too. W:A health to the heart that has courage to ramble, W:Bad luck to the lad or the lass that would rue. W: W:We'll call for a bumper of ale, wine and brandy, W:We'll drink to the health of those far away. W:Our hearts will all warm at the thought of old Ireland, W:When we're on the green fields of Americay.
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