Step It Out Mary

A song in the key of Em

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Abc sheet music for Step It Out Mary
X:2319 T:Step It Out Mary R:song C:Sean McCarthy Z:id:hn-song-147 M:2/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=100 K:Em GA | Be ed | B A2 A | Be ed | B3 A | Be ed | BA GA | BB AF | E3 A | Be ed | B A2 A | Be ed | B2 GA | Be ed | BA GA | BB AF | E2 || G/G/A | Be ed | BA G/G/A | Be ed | B2 G/G/A | Be ed | BA GA | BB/B/ AF | E2 || W:In the village of Kildorey, there lived a maiden fair, W:Her eyes they shone like diamonds, she had long and golden hair, W:A countryman came riding, up to her father's gate, W:Mounted on a milk white stallion, he came at the stroke of eight. W: W:Chorus: W:Step it out Mary, my fine daughter, W:Step it out Mary, if you can, W:Step it out Mary, my fine daughter, W:Show your legs to the countryman. W: W:I have come to court your daughter, Mary of the golden hair, W:I have wealth and I have money, I have goods beyond compare, W:I will buy her silks and satin, and a gold ring for her hand, W:I'll build for her a mansion, she'll have servants to command. W: W:Chorus W: W:Oh kind Sir I love a soldier, I have pledged to him my hand, W:I don't want your wealth nor money, I don't want your house nor land, W:Mary's father spoke up sharply: You will do as you are told, W:You'll be married on a Sunday and you'll wear the ring of gold. W: W:Chorus W: W:In the village of Kildorey there's a deep stream running by, W:They found her there at midnight, she drowned with the soldier boy. W:In the cottage there is music, you can hear her father say: W:Step it out, Mary, my fine daughter, Sunday is your wedding day. W: W:Chorus
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