The Limerick Rake

A song in the key of Edor

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Abc sheet music for Limerick Rake, The
X:2313 T:Limerick Rake, The R:song D:Dubliners Z:id:hn-song-141 M:6/8 L:1/8 Q:3/8=70 K:Edor E | E>GF EDE | G>AB e2 e | dBB AFG | A>FE D2 D | E>GF EDE | G>AB e2 e | dBB B>AF | EE2- E2 B | B>ee e>fe | dBc d2 d/d/ | e>dB A>FG | A>FE D2 D/D/ | E>GF EDE | G>AB e2 e/e/ | dBB B>AF | EE2- E2 || W:I am a young fellow that's easy and bold, W:In Castletown conners I'm very well known. W:In Newcastle West I spent many a note, W:With Kitty and Judy and Mary. W:My parents rebuked me for being such a rake, W:And for spending my time in such frolicsome ways, W:But I ne'er will forget the good nature of Jane, W:Agus f\'agaim\'id si\'ud mar at\'a s\'e. W: W:My parents had reared me to shake and to sow, W:To plough and to harrow, to reap and to mow. W:Me heart being too airy to drop it so low, W:I set out on a high speculation. W:On paper and parchment they taught me to write, W:In Euclid and grammar they opened my eyes, W:And in multiplication in truth I was bright, W:Agus f\'agaim\'id si\'ud mar at\'a s\'e. W: W:If you chance for to go to the town of Rathkeale, W:The girls all round me do flock on the square. W:Some offer me apples and others sweet cakes, W:and treats me unknown to their parents. W:There is one from Askeaton and one from the Pike, W:And another from Arda, my heart has beguiled, W:Though being from the mountains her stockings are white, W:and I'd love to be tightenin' her garters. W: W:Now to quarrel for riches I ne'er was inclined, W:For the greatest of misers must leave all behind. W:But I'll purchase a cow that will never run dry, W:And I'll milk her by twisting her horn. W:John Damer of Shronel had plenty of gold, W:And Lord Devonshire's treasure was twenty times more, W:But he's laid on his back among nettles and stones, W:Agus f\'agaim\'id si\'ud mar at\'a s\'e. W: W:This old cow can be milked without clover or grass, W:She'd be pampered on barley, sweet corn and hops. W:She'll be warm, she'd be stout, she'd be free in her paps, W:And she'll milk without spancil or halter. W:And the man that will drink it will cock his caubeen, W:And if anyone laughs we'll have wigs on the green, W:And the feeble old hag will get supple and free, W:Agus f\'agaim\'id si\'ud mar at\'a s\'e. W: W:If I chance for to go to the market of Croom, W:With a cock in my hat and my pipes in full tune, W:I am welcome at once and brought up to a room W:Where Bacchus is sporting with Venus. W:There's Peggy and Jane from the town of Bruree, W:And Biddy from Bruff and we all on the spree, W:Such a combing of locks as there was about me, W:Agus f\'agaim\'id si\'ud mar at\'a s\'e. W: W:There's some say I'm foolish and more say I'm wise, W:But being fond of the women I think is no crime, W:Sure the son of King David had ten hundred wives, W:And his wisdom was highly regarded. W:I'll till a good garden and live at my ease, W:And each woman and child could partake of the same, W:If there's war in the cabin, themselves they could blame, W:Agus f\'agaim\'id si\'ud mar at\'a s\'e. W: W:But now for the future I think I'll get wise, W:And I'll marry all those women who acted so kind, W:Aye I'll marry them all on the morrow by and by, W:If the clergy agreed to the bargain. W:And when I'm on my back and my soul be at peace, * W:all those children and wives they could keen at my wake, W:And they all gather round and they offer their prayers, W:To the Lord for the soul of their father. W: W:* or: When the Devil he comes my soul for to take,
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