Barbara Allen

A song in the key of Edor

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Abc sheet music for Barbara Allen
X:2307 T:Barbara Allen R:song D:De Danann: Selected Jigs, Reels & Songs Z:id:hn-song-135 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=140 K:Edor B2 | B2 B4 | B4 (AB) | (G A3) {FG}F2 | E4 c2 | d4 F2 | d4 d2 | c2 B4- | B4 (Bc) | e4 de | d4 FA | G4 FE | D4 EF | G4 (GA) | B4 F2 | F2{GF} E4- | E4 || W:It being late, all in the year, W:the green leaves they were fallin' W:when young Johnny Rose from his own country, W:fell in love with Barbara Allen. W: W:Get up, get up, her mother says, W:Get up and go and see him, W:Oh, mother dear, do you not mind the time, W:That you told me how to slight him. W: W:Get up, get up, her father says, W:Get up and go and see him, W:Oh, father dear, do you not mind the time, W:That you told me how to shun him. W: W:Slowly, slowly she got up, W:and it's slowly she put on her, W:Slowly she went to his bedside, W:And slowly looks upon him. W: W:"You're lyin' low, young man", she says, W:"And almost near a-dyin'." W:"One word from you will bring me to, W:If you be Barbara Allen." W: W:"One word from me you never will get, W:Nor any young man breathin', W:For the better of me you never will be, W:Though your heart's blood was a-spillin'." W: W:"Look down, look down, at my bed foot, W:It's there you'll find them lyin', W:Bloody sheets and bloody shirts, W:I sweat them for you, Allen." W: W:"Look up, look up to my bed head, W:and there you'll find them hangin', W:my gold watch and my gold chain, W:I bestow them to you, Allen." W: W:As she was goin' home to her father's hall, W:she heard the death-bell ringin', W:And every clap that the death-bell gave, W:It was "Woe be to you, Allen!" W: W:As she was goin' home to her mother's hall, W:She saw the funeral comin', W:"Lay down, lay down that weary corpse, W:'Til I get lookin' on him." W: W:She lifted up the lid up off of the corpse, W:and bursted out with laughin', W:and all his weary friends around, W:Cried "hard hearted Barbara Allen!" W: W:She went into her mother's house, W:"Make my bed long and narrow, W:For the death-bell did ring for my true love today, W:It will ring for me tomorrow." W: W:Out of one grave there grew a red rose, W:Out of the other a briar, W:And they both twisted into a true lover's knot, W:And there remained forever.
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