When a Man's in Love

A song in the key of Dmix

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Abc sheet music for When a Man's in Love
X:2304 T:When a Man's in Love R:song Z:id:hn-song-132 M:4/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=100 K:Dmix D>D | D2 F2 (GF) D2 | (FG) (AB) c2 (BA) | G2 (FG) A2 D2 | C6 D>D | D2 F2 (GF) D2 | (FG) (AB) c2 (BA) | G2 (FG) A2 (DC) | D6 (AB) | c2 (Bc) H(dc) (AG) | (FG) (AB) c3 e | (dc) (AF) (GF) D2 | C6 D>D | D2 F2 (GF) D2 | (FG) (AB) c2 (BA) | G2 (FG) A2 (DC) | D6 || W:When a man's in love he feels no cold, like me not long ago. W:Like a hero bold to seek his girl, he'll plough through frost and snow. W:The moon she gently shed her light, along my dreary way. W:Until I arrived at that sweet spot, where all my treasure lay. W: W:I rapped at my love's window saying, "My dear, are you within?" W:And slowly she undid the latch, and slyly I stepped in. W:Her hand was soft and her breat was sweet, her tongue did gently glide. W:I slipped my arm around her waist, and I asked her to be my bride. W: W:"Oh take me to your chamber love, oh take me to your bed. W:Oh take me to your chamber love, for to rest my weary head." W:"Oh to take you to my chamber love, my parents would never agree. W:So sit you down by yon coal fire, and I'll sit close by thee." W: W:"Many's the night I've courted you, against your parent's will. W:But now our courtship is at a close, so it's now my dear sit still. W:For tonight I'm going to cross the sea, to far Columbia's shore. W:And you will never never see, your youthful lover more." W: W:"Oh, it's are you going to leave me here, my dear what can I do? W:I will break through every bond of home, and go along with you. W:Perhaps my parents won't forget, but surely they'll forgive. W:And it's from this hour my dearest dear, along with you I'll live."
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